Sky High

Sky High 3B Practice Online

Sky High 3B

ISBN 9780230751101


This course accompanies 'Sky High 3B'. There are 6 units, each matching a student's book unit. There is a review syllabus item every other unit to match the Checkpoint sections in the student's book. Resources are grouped into four categories: Building Grammar, Building Vocabulary, Listening Development and Pronunciation Practice.

Why choose this course?

It will help you...

  • develop language skills for real-life situations
  • practise pronunciation and listening skills
  • improve grammar and vocabulary for everyday use
  • review and reinforce language points covered in class

Key features

  • a special split edition with six units from Sky High 3 Practice Online
  • designed to mirror the structure of Units 7 to 12 of the student’s book
  • focuses on practical language skills for everyday use
  • includes language, grammar and vocabulary exercises
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Syllabus details

  1. Unit 1 is covered in Sky High 3A.
  2. Unit 2 is covered in Sky High 3A.
  3. Unit 3 is covered in Sky High 3A.
  4. Unit 4 is covered in Sky High 3A.
  5. Unit 5 is covered in Sky High 3A.
  6. Unit 6 is covered in Sky High 3A.
  7. Celebrations
    1. Festivals around the world
  8. Culture on the table
    1. Fast food
    2. The passive: simple present
    3. The environment
    4. How are bottles recycled?
  9. Culture at home
    1. Living in Italy
    2. Used to: verb, adjective
    3. -ing form vs. infinitive
  10. Lifeline to intercultural communication
    1. An evening's entertainment
  11. You and your body
    1. Parts of the body
    2. Keeping in shape the right way
  12. Dangerous practices
    1. Uses of have: have something done
    2. Personal problem hotlines
    3. Modals of advice
  13. The best remedies
    1. Feeling sick
    2. Underwater discovery
    3. Modal verb structures
    4. Who did it?
  14. Lifeline to alternative medicine
    1. Molly in the Building on Fire
  15. Checkpoint 4
    1. Helping the environment
    2. Infinitive vs. -ing form
    3. Visit to a shipwreck
    4. Parts of the body
  16. Dreams
    1. If things were different
    2. Visitor hopes and expectations
  17. Wishes and hopes
    1. I wish ...
  18. Creatures of the imagination
    1. What if?
    2. Second/Unreal conditional: affirmative
    3. Second/Unreal conditional: use
    4. Rhythm and stress in second/unreal conditional questions
  19. Lifeline to physical sciences
    1. Science museums online
  20. Armchair travel
    1. Vacation paradise
    2. Cities of the U.S.A.
  21. The real thing
    1. Going underground
    2. Say vs. tell: differences and uses
    3. Reported speech: reporting verbs in the present
  22. Visitors from abroad
    1. Framlingham Castle
    2. Embedded/Indirect questions: use
    3. Embedded/Indirect questions: word order
  23. Lifeline to tourism and hospitality
    1. A bad year to travel
  24. Checkpoint 5
    1. Hotel requests
    2. Second/Unreal conditional
    3. If everyone had a car ...
  25. Early breakthroughs
    1. Interview with Dr. Martin
    2. What's the word?
    3. Nouns from verbs
  26. Important inventions
    1. The passive: simple past
    2. Simple past active and passive
    3. The story of jeans
  27. Unexpected outcomes
    1. Strange inventions
    2. What was happening?
    3. Adjective prefixes (un-, im-, in-, ir-)
  28. Lifeline to Information Technology
    1. Information technology
    2. What do you do online?
  29. Patterns of buying
    1. Are you buying or selling?
    2. Fashion
    3. Molly in the Building on Fire
  30. The hard sell
    1. Selling advertisements
    2. Present perfect progressive: use
    3. Present perfect progressive
  31. Spotlight on a corporation
    1. Department Stores
    2. Simple present perfect vs. present perfect progressive
    3. Present perfect: simple and progressive
    4. Numbers and prices
  32. Lifeline to advertising and marketing
    1. What does that mean?
  33. Checkpoint 6
    1. Picasso painting stolen
    2. What was everyone doing?
    3. Ibiza - paradise lost
    4. No Finer Diner