Customer Stories

Macmillan Practice Online is used by people around the world to learn English. Read their stories below.

ITU Foundation School, Turkey

  • Adopted Macmillan Practice Online in February 2012
  • Using PET Practice Online
  • Working with students who need to reach B1 level

Tell us a bit about you and your institution.

My name is Sibel Uluköy and I work for ITU Foundation Schools, Dr. Natuk Birkan Primary School, as Head of the Foreign Languages Department. We offer students intensive English courses that take them to CEFR Level B1 by the end of Grade 8.

I have been in the field for 26 years now and I have worked for numerous private schools. I’m responsible for the English Language Curriculum in our institution. I’m also an oral examiner for the University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations. 

How do you use Macmillan Practice Online?

We’ve been using Macmillan PET Practice Online for almost 6 months. Our main aim was to encourage autonomous learning.

What's your favourite thing about Macmillan Practice Online?

Firstly, as it corresponds to CEFR B1 level, it fits perfectly well into our curriculum. Secondly, writing tasks reflect real life situations, so learners find it motivating. Thirdly, drills are contextualized and not mechanical. Lastly, it’s easy to navigate.

How has it helped you and your students?

I’m delighted to have come across MPO because I had the opportunity to introduce my teachers to it. We are an innovative school so we want both our staff and learners to benefit from anything new and challenging. We got lots of positive feedback from parents and this is great for our reputation.The learners who took the official PET Exam all passed. I do thoroughly believe that Macmillan Practice Online contributed to their success. If we had asked them to purchase a coursebook instead, they wouldn’t have been this motivated.