Customer Stories

Macmillan Practice Online is used by people around the world to learn English. Read their stories below.

CCI Nantes St-Nazaire, France

Chambre de Commerce et d'Industrie

  • Adopted Macmillan Practice Online in January 2011
  • Using In Company Practice Online and Inside Out Practice Online
  • Working with adult professionals who are studying in company

How do you use Macmillan Practice Online?

We started using Macmillan Practice Online for our blended modules in January of 2011. Our students are mainly adult professionals who are learning English through their company. In general, they work with 20 hour modules, with 15 hours face-to-face teacher training and 5 hours e-learning. For the e-learning we have chosen either In Company or Inside Out Practice Online. We currently have over 90 students with active licenses.

What has the feedback been?

The trainer and student feedback on the product has been excellent. Both appreciate its simple presentation, the fact that it’s easy to use and that it corresponds exactly to the elements they have worked on in class. This is really the resounding opinion that has come back to us.

Did you have any difficulties?

One of our main difficulties has been to give the students the reflex to work regularly; this is clearly a problem of time and motivation rather than with the product choice, because we have clearly identified that once student have been to the site three or four times they work extensively and regularly with Macmillan Practice Online. It is really only a question of getting started.

How do you encourage usage?

Our project now is to continue with the trainer training and encourage our trainers to open the Markbook at the beginning of each lesson. Our short experience has already proven that teacher involvement is vital to the success of blended learning. The Markbook function in Macmillan Practice Online is really a key element for our school.

Claire Dubourg, Directrice Pédagogique