Business English

Business English Upper Intermediate Practice Online (British)

Business English Upper Intermediate

ISBN 9780230751804


This is a business, upper-intermediate level course. You will find a collection of exercises and activities to give you practice of grammar, vocabulary, listening, reading and writing. There are 4 units, each with 5 syllabus items.

Why choose this course?

It will help you...

  • develop grammar and vocabulary understanding 
  • practise speaking and listening skills 
  • learn business-specific vocabulary and expressions 
  • develop practical language to liaise with colleagues and partners in English 
  • undertake confidently business tasks in an international environment 
  • improve your English both in and out of the office

Key features

  • over 80 carefully selected interactive resources 
  • can be used alongside any business English coursebook 
  • each unit covers areas that every successful professional needs to know such as making conference presentations, communicating in meetingswriting reports, socializing and doing international business
Open full syllabus overview

Syllabus details

  1. Business communication: Conferences
    1. Conference registration
    2. Where's Toby?
    3. Listening to complaints
    4. Conference discussion
  2. Business communication: Presentations
    1. What is the speaker talking about?
    2. Advice about giving presentations
    3. Making presentations
    4. Listening to a presentation
  3. Business communication: Meetings
    1. Booking rooms for meetings
    2. Colleagues discussing department meetings
    3. Advice about taking part in meetings
    4. Mind-mapping techniques in meetings
  4. Business communication: Memos and reports
    1. A discussion document on improving efficiency
    2. 'Ideas' meeting memo
    3. Initial consultancy meeting
    4. Negotiations
    5. Report on 'Getting New Business' meeting
  5. Business communication: Phone calls
    1. Who are you talking to?
    2. Dealing with difficult phone calls
  6. Away from work: Travel arrangements
    1. Booking flights
    2. Travel agent's answerphone messages
    3. Travelling light
    4. A visit to London
  7. Away from work: Socializing with business visitors
    1. A telephone conversation
    2. What shall we do this evening?
    3. How has your visit been?
    4. Visitor hopes and expectations
  8. Away from work: Cross-cultural business
    1. A radio interview
    2. Business meals
  9. Away from work: Restaurants and hotels
    1. At the hotel
    2. Eating out
    3. Waiter, waiter ...
    4. Pronoun reference
  10. Away from work: Places around the world
    1. Bus tour of London
    2. Cities of the USA
    3. Word formation
    4. Getting a winter break
    5. Festivals around the world
  11. Companies: Starting and expanding the business
    1. A company profile
    2. Increasing visitor spend at tourist attractions
    3. Managing expansion
    4. Funding of projects and companies
    5. Offshoring
    6. Starting a business
  12. Companies: Small, medium and large enterprises
    1. Small and medium-size enterprises in the UK
    2. Family businesses in Spain
    3. Colorama
    4. Business news
  13. Companies: Marketing and advertising
    1. Presentation about an advertising campaign
    2. Recognition of company logos and brands
    3. Developments in advertising and marketing
    4. The science of shopping
  14. Companies: Management and production
    1. An essay on what makes a good manager
    2. Presentation about company departments
    3. Theories of management
    4. Teamwork at a manufacturing company
    5. A guided tour
    6. Zodiac car company
  15. Companies: Commitment to society
    1. Health and safety
    2. Corporate social responsibility and NGT
    3. Investing in the community
  16. People: Recruitment
    1. Interview questions
    2. Interview questions
    3. Interview results
    4. Employment history
    5. Deciding on the best applicant
    6. Short-listed for an interview
  17. People: Jobs and tasks
    1. Job advert
    2. A job description
    3. The Website Project
    4. A tough training course
  18. People: Staff-related issues
    1. A letter to consultants
    2. What's on the agenda?
    3. Meeting between company manager and staff representative
    4. Q & A session
    5. Job losses
  19. People: Appraisal
    1. State-of-play meeting
    2. The honest managing director
    3. Appraisal of candidates for promotion
  20. People: The workplace
    1. Just being at home
    2. Advice from an old hand
    3. Humour in the workplace
    4. Wanting and not wanting