Business English

Business English Intermediate Practice Online (British)

Business English Intermediate

ISBN 9780230751798


This is a business, intermediate level course. You will find a collection of exercises and activities to give you practice of grammar, vocabulary, listening, reading and writing. There are 4 units, each with 5 syllabus items.

Why choose this course?

It will help you...

  • develop grammar and vocabulary understanding 
  • practise speaking and listening skills 
  • learn business-specific vocabulary and expressions 
  • develop practical language to liaise with colleagues and partners in English  
  • undertake confidently business tasks in an international environment 
  • improve your English both in and out of the office

Key features

  • over 80 carefully selected interactive resources 
  • can be used alongside any business English coursebook 
  • each unit covers areas that every successful professional needs to know such as attending meetings, travelling for work, giving presentations and dealing with customers and suppliers
Open full syllabus overview

Syllabus details

  1. Business communication: Meeting arrangements
    1. Drafting a memo
    2. Documents for a meeting
    3. Meeting room arrangements
    4. Three quick phone calls
    5. Covering for a colleague
    6. Setting up a meeting
  2. Business communication: In a meeting
    1. Different opinions
    2. Effective meetings
    3. Meetings and greetings
  3. Business communication: Conference arrangements
    1. Conference arrangements
    2. Conference facilities
    3. Setting up a conference
    4. A letter on conference arrangements
  4. Business communication: At a conference
    1. Conference announcements
    2. Choosing events
    3. Welcome to the conference
    4. Networking at a conference
  5. Business communication: Presentations
    1. Law firm presentation
    2. Planning a presentation
    3. Attending a presentation
    4. Presentation about a training company
    5. Statistics
  6. Away from work: Getting ready for visitors
    1. A telephone message
    2. Looking after business visitors
    3. Arrangements for a business visitor
    4. Accommodation for business guests
  7. Away from work: Socializing with visitors
    1. Arrival of a business visitor
    2. Socializing with a visitor
    3. Breaking the ice
    4. An evening's entertainment
  8. Away from work: Going on a trip
    1. Holidays
    2. Planning a holiday
    3. An aircraft announcement
    4. Expense claim
    5. Holiday problems
    6. Why did I go on holiday?
    7. A trip to Vancouver, Canada
  9. Away from work: Staying in a hotel
    1. Guest information
    2. A postcard home
    3. What's on the menu?
  10. Away from work: Going shopping
    1. Increasing visitor spend at tourist attractions
    2. Online shopping
    3. Supermarket reviews
    4. Why do prices rise?
    5. Going shopping
  11. Companies: Starting up
    1. Setting up a restaurant
    2. Opening a new factory
    3. Starting up
    4. Women entrepreneurs
    5. Arranging a loan
  12. Companies: Management
    1. Restructuring the company
    2. Trouble at the docks
    3. Production plans
    4. Virtual businesses
  13. Companies: Marketing
    1. A successful exhibition
    2. Marketing strategies
    3. Advertising
  14. Companies: Sales
    1. Placing an order
    2. Are you the customer or the supplier?
    3. Returns policy
    4. Delayed deliveries
    5. Buying goods and equipment
    6. A letter of complaint to a supplier
    7. Customer satisfaction surveys
  15. Companies: Performance
    1. Hot competition
    2. Retail company's performance
    3. Website performance
    4. Sales crisis
    5. Financial news
    6. Corporate competition
  16. People: Before the interview
    1. Telephoning to arrange a job interview
    2. Interview arrangements
    3. A new appointment
    4. A letter to a recruitment agency
    5. A job applicant
    6. Applying for a job
    7. Job advertisements
  17. People: The interview
    1. Interview details
    2. Interviewing for a hotel receptionist
    3. A job interview
    4. Interview questions
    5. How to succeed at interviews
    6. How to succeed at an interview
  18. People: After the interview
    1. Who should get the job?
    2. Different applicants
    3. Did you get the job?
  19. People: Duties at work
    1. Training sessions
    2. Using the network
    3. A company description
    4. A change for the better?
    5. Companies
  20. People: Challenges at work
    1. Reducing the workforce
    2. Do you want a pay rise?
    3. Reading a memo
    4. Office politics
    5. A memo to staff on company changes