Business English

Business English Elementary Practice Online (American)

Business English Elementary

ISBN 9780230761865


This is a business, elementary level course. You will find a collection of exercises and activities to practice your grammar, vocabulary, listening, reading and writing. There are 4 units, each with 5 syllabus items.

Why choose this course?

It will help you...

  • develop grammar and vocabulary understanding
  • practise speaking and listening skills
  • learn business-specific vocabulary and expressions
  • develop practical language to liaise with colleagues and partners in English
  • undertake confidently business tasks in an international environment
  • improve your English both in and out of the office

Key features

  • over 80 carefully selected interactive resources
  • can be used alongside any business English coursebook
  • each unit covers areas that every successful professional needs to know such as making phone calls, dealing with complaints, making small talk, and travelling for work
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Syllabus details

  1. Business communication: People and conferences
    1. Conference email
    2. Socializing
    3. Conference introductions
    4. This year's conference
  2. Business communication: Telephone conversations
    1. Making a phone call
    2. Phone responses
    3. Cell phone numbers
    4. On the phone
    5. Can I leave a message?
  3. Business communication: Telephone messages
    1. What's happening?
    2. Leaving a telephone message
    3. Leaving a telephone message
    4. Just letting you know
  4. Business communication: Courses and presentations
    1. Listening to a presentation
    2. Product presentation
    3. Training course introduction
  5. Business communication: Customers and complaints
    1. Company and customer
    2. Complaining about a product
    3. Handling complaints
  6. Away from work: Business travel
    1. A business trip
    2. Do we have everything?
    3. Taking a flight?
    4. Which bag is ...
    5. Ask the pilot
  7. Away from work: Small talk
    1. Small talk
    2. The taxi driver
    3. Meeting people
    4. Travel language
    5. What's the weather like?
    6. The weather where you are
  8. Away from work: Company visitors
    1. Arrangements for visitors
    2. What time do you arrive?
    3. Welcome to our company
    4. Entertaining your clients
  9. Away from work: Hotels
    1. At The Royal Hotel
    2. Reserving a hotel room
    3. Hotel check-in
    4. Checking in at the Riverside Hotel
    5. When in Rome ...
  10. Away from work: Restaurants
    1. Booking a restaurant
    2. Restaurants and eating out
    3. Eating out
    4. I love pizza
    5. Breakfast all over the world
  11. Companies: Business buildings and departments
    1. Business buildings
    2. Office words
    3. Company structure
    4. Getting around
    5. Directions in a building
  12. Companies: Office equipment and supplies
    1. Describing an office
    2. The world of business
    3. The Supplies Shop
    4. Paperwork
  13. Companies: Business tips
    1. Negotiating tips
    2. Running your own business
    3. Market research
    4. Credit cards
  14. Companies: Businesses and financial institutions
    1. What does your company do?
    2. Rutland soccer stadium
    3. The New York Stock Exchange
    4. The European Central Bank
  15. Companies: Business news
    1. In the news
    2. Business news headlines
  16. People: Looking for a job
    1. Dear Mr. Bradshaw
    2. A reference for John Marr
    3. Working at the IMF
    4. Reporting the results of a survey
  17. People: Job interviews
    1. Arranging an interview
    2. Interview rejection letter
    3. Interview questions
  18. People: Jobs and tasks
    1. What do you do?
    2. Traveling for work
    3. Job types
    4. What do you do in your job?
    5. Interview with a TV director
    6. My colleagues
  19. People: A typical day
    1. What does Mrs. Bari do?
    2. Mr. Gonzales starts work at 9 a.m.
    3. My new job
    4. A busy day at work
  20. People: Do's and don'ts in the workplace
    1. Do I have to?
    2. A report on smoking in the workplace