Business English

Business English Advanced Practice Online (British)

Business English Advanced

ISBN 9780230751811


This is a business, advanced level course. You will find a collection of exercises and activities to give you practice of grammar, vocabulary, listening, reading and writing. There are 4 units, each with 5 syllabus items.

Why choose this course?

It will help you...

  • develop grammar and vocabulary understanding 
  • practise speaking and listening skills 
  • learn business-specific vocabulary and expressions 
  • develop practical language to liaise with colleagues and partners in English 
  • undertake confidently business tasks in an international environment 
  • improve your English both in and out of the office

Key features

  • over 80 carefully selected interactive resources 
  • can be used alongside any business English coursebook 
  • each unit covers important topics that every successful professional needs such as attending meetings, giving presentations, writing messages, talking about company performance and travelling for work
Open full syllabus overview

Syllabus details

  1. Business communication: Meetings
    1. Meeting memo
    2. Points for the agenda
  2. Business communication: Presentations
    1. A presentation
    2. Presentation training
    3. Presentation introduction
  3. Business communication: Conferences
    1. What was the conference like?
    2. Conference report
  4. Business communication: Informal messages
    1. On the phone
    2. Phone extracts
    3. Email messages between colleagues
    4. Write an email for me
    5. What shall we write about?
    6. Changing arrangements
  5. Business communication: Formal messages
    1. Legal letters
    2. Legal department letters
    3. Responses to complaints
    4. Company security
  6. Away from work: Business hospitality
    1. Entertaining company visitors
    2. What's on offer?
    3. Hospitality services
  7. Away from work: Cross-cultural business
    1. Social arrangements
    2. Language needs
    3. The social side of business
    4. Conversation openers
  8. Away from work: Travel experiences
    1. Travel comments
    2. Travelling light
    3. A bad experience at the airport
    4. At the airport
    5. Fear of flying
    6. A trip abroad
  9. Away from work: Places around the world
    1. Bus tour of London
    2. City quiz
    3. Win a luxury Caribbean holiday!
    4. A visit to London
    5. Emilio's trip to England
    6. European travel
  10. Away from work: Cultures around the world
    1. Language and culture
    2. Lucky charms
    3. Food in the Harbour City
    4. Food around the USA
  11. Companies: Management
    1. Consultant's report on management
    2. Chief Executive faces the press
    3. Progress report
    4. To spend or not to spend
    5. Manager's motivational speech
    6. Getting the best out of people
  12. Companies: Marketing and advertising
    1. Selling points
    2. Advertising and marketing methods
    3. Advertising
    4. Marketing techniques
  13. Companies: Doing well
    1. Recycling computers
    2. Company update
    3. A business report
    4. The schoolgirl millionaire
  14. Companies: Doing badly
    1. Crisis meeting minutes
    2. An emergency meeting
    3. Meeting minutes
    4. Annual report
    5. Money troubles
    6. Problems with a company
  15. Companies: Business news
    1. Selling the case for sustainability
    2. Business news
    3. Business headlines
    4. Business news extracts
    5. International trade
    6. Put your money where your heart is
  16. People: Job interviews
    1. Personal details
    2. Your first interview
    3. Job interviews
    4. Job candidates
  17. People: Training
    1. Training points
    2. Training needs meeting
    3. Seminar titles
    4. New training
  18. People: Appraisal
    1. Appraisals
    2. About my appraisal ...
    3. Appraisal
  19. People: Success at work
    1. Successful team leading
    2. Advice on problems at work
    3. HR meeting agenda
  20. People: Work and health
    1. Get the balance right
    2. Attitudes to work
    3. Are you sitting comfortably?