Customer Stories

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Almaqar IT & English Language Training, Libya

  • Adopted Macmillan Practice Online in July 2014
  • Using Improve Your Skills for IELTS series with Macmillan Practice Online
  • Teaching students on IELTS preparation courses

Tell us a bit about you and your course.

My name is Therese Martin and I've been teaching IELTS preparation courses since 2005 in Libya to a range of nationalities; Libyan, Iraqi, Indian, Filipino, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Palestinian, Syrian and Egyptian. The student's goals are to either study or work abroad so achieving the right score in IELTS is very important to them.

How have you found the Improve Your Skills for IELTS series with Macmillan Practice Online?

The new Improve Your Skills for IELTS series offers online practice for one year as an option. My students and I tried out the online material to see if it would be a useful addition to the course. The students overwhelmingly gave back positive feedback. They felt it complimented the course and were happy that they had access for a year for extra practice before they sit the exam. 

How have your students found the Practice Online?

Below is some of the feedback from my students about the online practice that was collected using a social networking site:

“It is something else, I mean by that for me at least it gave me a new prospective of how academic writing can be. It is useful.” – Ahlam

“In my opinion the writing skills lessons are more than great.” – Seba 

“I found it very helpful, I think it would be a good option for practice after the end of the course.” – Rami 

“I really like the Macmillan Practice Online ... I think it is very useful for both student and teacher.” – Hanan